Frequently Asked Questions


We listen to your questions

Are you licensed as a financial adviser?

Yes, we are licensed by the South African regulatory authority under licence 48502, please follow this link to assure yourself FSCA

Are you sufficiently qualified to render advice?

With degrees in law, finance and financial planning we are professionally qualified. We believe that broad and deep experience as well as a passion to help people is the primary qualification for a financial adviser.

Are you an 'independent' adviser?

Yes, we have no affiliation to any product provider or grouping. We work solely for the benefit of our clients and are solely remunerated by them. This ensures that we act in our client’s best interests.

Do you have an investment minimum?

Yes, we generally look to clients to have at least R1m in invested assets, but we are able to help in other areas for which we have a consulting fee model for the services we provide.

Do you offer tax services?

We are not tax practitioners and we don’t render tax returns on behalf of clients.

What we definitely do, is offer advice on how to best structure your tax affairs within the scope of the work we will be involved with.

Where are your offices located?

We don’t have a commercial office space. We are a service based business, we therefore meet our clients when and where it is convenient for them. There are many options from homes to boardrooms to people’s places of work. Our emphasis is on your convenience and a place conducive to a professional meeting.

Shouldn't I just do my own financial planning?

We are a big believer in DIY, but you should be aware that elements of what we do are complex and require skills and experience. All too often we find people in patently the wrong solutions – these people are desperately wasting time.

Can you advise on offshore financial planning

For many years now South Africans have had almost unlimited access to offshore investment opportunities, we are well qualified and experienced to assist you in accessing these opportunities.

Should I be investing offshore?

Most people should hold offshore investments, there are very compelling reasons to do so and it is not difficult to move funds offshore or to bring them back to SA.

Is my money safe with you?

Yes, we don’t have access to your funds, the risk you are exposed to is that your investments do poorly. We don’t have access to your bank account. Service providers will only ever pay your funds into your bank account.